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About Our Classes – Family Friendly Training
We believe in family friendly training for all ages and skill levels. Whatever your martial arts interest, you’ll find something here you’ll enjoy. We also have friendly, personal instructors who really care about our students. At Findlay Martial Arts you won’t just get martial arts training, you’ll make new friends, get in shape and have a great time doing it!

Please note: Price increase for classes effective October 1, 2018. After 8 years of maintaining the same low prices for our classes, we needed to make a small price increase. We appreciate your continued support and thank you for your business!

Little Ninjas – $75.00 per month (discounts available)
Little Ninjas is a program developed by the National Association of Professional Martial Artists and is designed for 4-6 year olds. Children learn more than just kicking and punching. We concentrate on eight main life skills such as focus, teamwork, control, discipline, memory, balance, fitness and coordination. The children have a great time while burning up all that extra energy!

Kempo Karate Class – $75.00 per month (discounts available)
Our dojo’s style of martial arts is Shao-lin-ssu Kempo. The training incorporates the kiciking and punching techniques of karate with the takedowns, throws and joint locks of ju-jitsu. If you’re a wrestling, kickboxing or MMA fan, you’ll recognize some of these highly effective moves.

Fitness Kickboxing – $50 per six weeks
Fitness Kickboxing is a program for the adult that doesn’t want to do the traditional martial arts program but still wants to learn to kick and punch and have a terrific time while getting into shape. There is no special uniform required, just comfortable workout clothes.

Iaido – $10.00 mat fee
Iaido is a martial art that is associated with drawing and cutting with the sword, removing the blood from the blade and re-sheathing the sword Iaido is very formal discipline where the emphasis is placed on precise, controlled, fluid motion, which gives the art grace and power. Part of accomplishing this precision, is the study of extreme focus and concentration. This extreme focus is what gave the Samurai their ability to concentrate and do amazing feats during all the chaos of battle. Many people find these skills of extreme focus are a great benefit in their daily life. For more information see the pictures listed under Iaido in our gallery.